Friday, May 25, 2012

towards a new release

Some news directly from emesene git master:

  • emesene now features an optional single window mode, like skypetab-ng, for all your docking needs
  • direct-connect aka fast file transfers are now implemented in papyon, emesene will listen on 6891 (and subsequent, if needed) when receiving and will try to fallback gracefully to slow file transfers in case the bridge fails. Please remember this feature is tied to your network configuration, so if it works or not it doesn't depend entirely on emesene.
  • SleekXMPP is now the default library for gtalk, facebook and other xmpp services.
  • gtk3 support is now fully in place however some nasty bugs in ubuntu's pygobject prevent us from improving it further. gtk2 will remain the default ui for now.
  • updated DEPENDS for packagers: if you package emesene for any OS please take a look at the updated requirements
  • some minor new handy features, bugfixes.

We need YOU for testing these features, we'd like to release a new version soon.
And also we need YOU for updating translations so users can enjoy the new emesene in their own language.
If you know python and are willing to help, please fix one issue ;)


Unknown said...

sometimes when ppl send me msgs, the notification appears but the msg doesnt in the conversation window...

Sbte said...

@Hugo, that should be fixed in this release. If it's not please open a bug report with the full log you get from emesene -vvv