If you think you can help us packaging emesene 2 for your favorite operating system then give us a hand!
If emesene 2 is already available on your operating system contact us so we list it here.

align boxemesene's latest stable version is: 2.12.9  tarball | zipball ] 

align boxWindows: (2.12.9)
Download the Installer or portable version available from GitHub

align boxOSX: (2.12.9) 
Installer available from GitHub (Supports OSX 10.6 10.7 10.8).

align boxUbuntu: (2.12.9)
Download for Ubuntu button
Or just add this ppa to your software sources:  


(the official repositories may have some older version. If you don't know how to add a ppa, here are some howtos: [1] and [2])

align boxFedora: (2.12.1) 
Installer available from GitHub.

align boxArch: (always latest version) 
Available in community repository. Look here

align boxGentoo: (always latest version)
Always the latest stable and development versions, ebuilds available in the official tree. Look here

align boxDebian: (2.12.5)
Available here

align boxOpenSUSE: (2.11.5)
Here an unofficial package (we have no information about emesene 2 being in OpenSUSE.)

align boxSlackware: (2.11.11)
Here is the link to the package.