Friday, March 04, 2011


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nDarkDuck said...

I'm an IT consultant with a NEED of the ConversationLogger for emesene2.

I don't care contributing developing a little. The deal here, is that you got no documentation I can find. You know right? from the university they told you the importance of documentations in order to collaborate.... SPECIALLY IN FREE SOFTWARE!!!!!

luismarianoguerra said...

in the university they told me not to scream to people, also not to treat them bad if they are doing something for free.

here is some documentation:

the source code is also documented.

if you need more information you can ask it kindly in the issue tracker.

dirty fingers said...

gracias a todos los que hacen esta maravilla

Dsmemberd said...

Espero ver la version para Windows muy pronto ya que este proyecto promete y mucho sigan asi

Grego said...

Hello Mariano, I tested emesene2 from the git repository some days ago and I have to say it's going to be great. Thanks for making this possible.
By the way, why did the forum went to read-only mode? I think it was the best way for normal users to ask about their doubts and also the best way to introduce new plugins. Will it be writable again when a final version of emesene2 is released? Or will there be a new forum for emesene2? I hope there will be a forum... Thanks for everything! Bye.-

Kody said...

Hi Luis!

First, thanks for all the great work! A few questions though; I noticed in the above screenshots that there seems to be no button for video chat...? I was curious if that is due to the software still being worked on, or whether it was no longer going to be implemented?

Also, is there a Windows Beta planned any time soon?

Cheers and thanks again! :)

luismarianoguerra said...


webcam must be implemented after 2.0 release (or early if someone wants to work on it).

the windows release is blocked because no one takes care of it, I posted instructions on the blog on how to make the build and asked someone to try to fix the last problem (pywebkit bindings) but no one seems to be working on that.

Kody said...


Thanks for the quick response. Sad to hear, unfortunately. I would help, but I am afraid I have no coding experience :(

Jean-Philippe said...

Is there actually no menu, or do you use a global menu?

luismarianoguerra said...

I took the screnshot on ubuntu natty, that uses a global menu

juan said...


luismarianoguerra said...

@juan: uno por ventana.

osea que emesene ahora es tu cliente de msn y/o tu cliente de gtalk (entre otros)

Chris Austin said...

You're an "IT consultant" that needs a lobotomy.

This is an IM client. As an "IT consultant" you need documentation for this?

God help the future of IT.

tacul said...

porque sacaste los screenshots donde tenías el avatar de polente de sanca!??!?!?!?!?!

luismarianoguerra said...


Martinpta said...

Why this version no have voice support?

luismarianoguerra said...

because we are too few developers and there are more important stuff to do right now (like making the basic stuff work)

of someone wants to work on that it;s more than welcome

Vida said...

I don't like emesene2 beacuse does not save the old information of emesene1 and dont have the pluggin "satus history"

Please fix that!


Cry said...

Me gustaria saber si en esta version hay soporte para msn groups (no categorias de contactos, si no grupos) ya que ningun cliente de los que probé puede manejar tal cosa. Tengo un grupo con 25 personas y cada vez que necesito usarlo tengo que iniciar windows, y realmente no es muy comodo.

marven said...

Hola Luis, antes que nada mis felicitaciones por todo el tiempo que le dedicas al proyecto, yo fui durante mucho tiempo usuario de Licq y mas tarde de amsn, ahora estoy probando hace un tiempo el emesene y sinceramente me gusto mucho la version 1.0, en cuanto a la version 2 parece que muy bien encaminada sin embargo note un par de cosas que para mi modo de ver le faltan o yo al menos no las encuentro:

1) Poder elegir el browser para ver los correos o un link.

2) Poder conectarse simultaneamente a todos los servicios: msn, gtalk, facebook, icq?

3) Por favor traducí la página que tus compatriotas también frecuentamos tu pagina del proyecto =) jaja, por ahora nada mas, te dejo un abrazo y muchisimas gracias colaborar con el software libre y gnu/linux!!

viva el software libre!!

luismarianoguerra said...

@CRY: todavia no

1) pedilo en

2) emesene no es multiprotocolo simultaneo y no lo va a ser

3) veremos si se puede hacer de una forma facil